Anti-aging And The Fountain of Youth

Anti-aging Drugs to Treat The Aging ProcessIt seems the search for the “Fountain of Youth” never ends. Anti-aging science continues to investigate ways to slow and even reverse the effects of aging. An article in the South China Morning Post (New range of drugs may slow ageing process by taking out ‘senescent’ cells) caught my […]

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Jeunesse Global Leaders Opportunity Presentation

Double Diamond Theresa Gregory and the Jeunesse Global Opportunity Jeunesse Global Products and Business Opportunity Get yourself a coffee, tea or other favourite beverage, shut out all distractions and watch this presentation by Double Diamond Director Theresa Gregory as she takes us through a concise Jeunesse Global Opportunity presentation. Learn about the company, the Youth […]

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Luminesce Before and After Images

Visible Evidence of Skincare Benefits of Luminesce Anti-aging SerumSeeing Is Believing These Luminesce before and after images are from real people who have used the Jeunesse Cellular Rejuvenation Serum for a period of anywhere from one to several weeks. The results are quite remarkable.The Jeunesse Global LUMINESCE Line of Products The LUMINESCE products from Jeunesse Global […]

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